Pictures from The Facebook SME Nigeria Event

The Facebook Small Business Council Nigeria edition held for the second time on the 26th March 2018. The social media giant, selected 10 – 15 business owners who have successfully used Facebook to grow their business. All business owners were invited to participate alongside with their social media managers! One of my clients, ( a major party rental provider in Lagos) was selected and as her social media manager, I was invited to participate. The whole event started with a dinner session on the 25th March 2018. Facebook experts alongside other council members chatted and networked over dinner at Four Points Restaurant, VICTORIA ISLAND – Lagos!

The next day being the 26th March 2018- we came again together to learn directly from Facebook experts on how to make the most of ads run via FACEBOOK! Some lessons taken from the event are:

  1. Videos are the next best thing. Start creating more video content for your business on social media.
  2. Engage your audience in the first 15 seconds of your video.
  3. Animate your unique selling point. It should be fun and descriptive as well.
  4. Traffic is beginning to shift from news feed to Insta story. Use Insta story more frequently.
  5. Use these two apps: “Legend” and “Ripl” to create catchy videos with product images. You can download both apps via playstore.
  6. Think mobile when creating content( most people are using mobile phones as opposed to laptops)
  7. Incorporate brand identity early in your video.
  8. Put text in your video – to highlight important information. You can use “Legend” app for this.

These are major tips, I got from the event. Imagine how well I slept time that night in my hotel room. #NOTHINGLIKECOMFORT!!! Check out the photos below to get a visual recap of the event.



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