Is your social media strategy working?

It’s been along time! We are back now. In this post, we will be sharing tips on how to monitor your social media strategy! You already know, the importance of building a social media strategy before pushing out content on your page! Some factors that determine the kind of strategy to adopt, are:

  1. The social media channel you intend on using .
  2. Your target audience.
  3. Your availablity to be active on social media.

These among many other factors can help you  decide on the best strategy to use! The truth is no size fits all with social media. Having adopted, a profitable social media strategy, written below, are few factors that will help you monitor if your strategy is working.

  1. Check your insights at least once a week. Yeah yeah no stories, you can’t continue posting without checking up on what works, and what doesn’t. If you choose to use Instagram, make sure you switch to an Instagram business profile. It’s totally free to do so, and it gives access to metrics like: discovery, reach, profile visits etc. When last did you check your insights? Have your metrics been steadily declining over a period of time? Then it’s time to switch up your social media strategy.
  2. Check if you are achieving the desired goal: A social media strategy, should help you with one thing which is ” ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS! Is your goal to increase brand awareness, make sales, bond with your followers etc! Every now and then, you should check if your goal is achieved. If it’s not, then it’s time to change your social media strategy.
  3. Check on yourself: Are you the right person to manage your profile on social media, Are you knowledgeable enough?? Do you feel worn out even at the mere thought of drafting up content for your page?? Then maybe you are one of the reasons why your “social media strategy” isn’t working.

Time to ponder on these few points, and make a conscious decision, to change your strategy if need be😏

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