Must Have Apps for Every Social Media Marketer

Social Media has been around for some time and has armed us all with free and exciting ways to sell our products or service, increase brand awareness and drive traffic to websites or blogs!

As a social media marketer, using the right apps can make your job a whole lot much easier than you would every think. This article, will be throwing light on some apps that make your social media hustle a more rewarding one:


  1. CANVA: Canva has an app that allows people with little to no graphic design skills, create beautiful designs, logos, email headers and other materials. It’s quite user friendly, and has an app which is free to download at the moment. Downloading canva, makes it easy for you to create stunning visuals for your social media marketing at little to no cost.
  2. HOOTSUITE: Hootsuite is a social media management dashboard that let’s you schedule your posts in advance like a boss! Using Hootsuite, means you don’t have to do manual postings anymore. You can schedule your post or use the hootsuite autoschedule feature- that schedules your posts for an optimal posting time. Hootsuite is super cool, because it also has a free version that allows you connect up to 3 social media profiles.
  3. IFTTT: This super cool app helps you content sync like a pro. Creating an account on IFTTT is free at the moment and only requires an email address and a password .  You can use IFTTT, to auto sync content across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and also use it for other cool stuff like (get a notification, every time an astronaut enters space).
  4. PINTEREST: What is social media marketing without stunning pictures????? Oh well using the Pinterest app gives you the privilege of getting super cool photos just at the click of a search button
  5. LEGEND: This app makes it easy to transform still photos to videos. Using Legend also makes it easy to use animate text on your creative.

Quick note: You can download these apps via play store for android or app store for Iphone users.

The list goes on and on, but hey with these top 5 you are off on a right start.

Like to get names of more apps??Talk to me in the comment section

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