The Dangers of Syncing Content Across Social Media Platforms

TIME is such a valuable asset to us all. As a business who uses social media to achieve it’s goals, it’s sometimes helps to sync content from one main social media platform to another. For example, you might be active on Instagram and decided to repost your content across Facebook and Twitter. While this can be very tempting, and sometimes helpful, it pays to understand the danger of doing this in the long term.

  1. Different social media platforms operate in different ways: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are all labelled as social media platforms, but actually have different ways of operating. Instagram for example, thrives on hashtags. Using hashtags on Instagram can actually get you found by a potential customer or client. Using hashtags on Facebook, however doesn’t help much in that regard.
  2. You have different set of audiences on different platforms: It will surprise you to know that even though you sell the same product or service on different social media platforms, your audience on each of these platforms are entirely different. While your Instagram page might be followed by a couple of friends and other unique users, your Facebook page, might be liked or followed by random users. This simply means the kind of content that will get your Instagram audience excited might be totally boring for your Facebook audience.
  3. You might miss out on important messages from the secondary social media platform : Being that you are trying to save on time by focusing on one platform and re-posting on others, you might not be as responsive as you should be on secondary platforms – leading to many unmissed messages, delayed response in messaging and untapped page insights.
  4. Playing down on brand uniformity: It’s only human to forget. What happens, when you change your display picture on Instagram – will you remember to update on Facebook and Twitter??? It’s important to maintain key information such as profile photos and bio information across social media platforms.

Enough with all the dangers, what do I recommend? If need be, maintain cross posting across your social media platforms and schedule calendar dates (at least once a week) to update page details. respond to messages and study page insights across your secondary social media platforms.

Hope you enjoyed this read. Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section.

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