4 TIPS For Building an Active Online Community

Building an active online community, goes way beyond posting good photos of your product alongside catchy call to actions on social media platforms. Truth is, building an active community can be extremely time consuming and exhausting at the beginning. But it also comes along with great rewards.

Let’s quickly go through 4 TIPS to building an online community

  1. ADD CONSISTENT VALUE: Value can never be undermined. Giving free valuable information or tips consistently, can be a hassle initially, but it remains one of the easiest ways to grow an online community. We believe before adding value, you must have researched your target audience and have an idea of topics that are relevant to them. The more you give value, the easier it is to sell you products or services overtime without becoming “salesy'”. Are you a baby food vendors?? Keep dishing out steady tips relevant to mothers. This might require several updates from you (4-5 times) daily. As you keep dishing out value, you come to realize that users will start tagging more and more potential contacts to your content. In no time, you will have an active community
  2. BE TRANSPARENT : Don’t forget, that people read your posts. If you ever promised to do something – example Let’s say you announced on your page, that you will be organizing a giveaway or live session and for certain reason you couldn’t do it. It’s important you publicly apologize and let your followers know why it couldn’t hold. You can also use this avenue to give them next steps on when you will actually fulfill your promise. Being transparent and accountable will help you  build an active online community in no time.
  3. CONNECT YOUR POSTS TO EACH OTHER : This is a fire brand way to build an active online community. If you earlier posted content on a certain subject, you can connect your next post to the first post using story telling. This compels you readers or followers to keep updated with every single post you put out.
  4. POST CONTENT THAT CONNECTS WITH YOUR AUDIENCE EMOTIONS : Every human being has feelings, and as you keep researching your audience, you will soon get to know the problems common to them. Using your platform to push content that motivates and inspires your followers or readers will aid in building an active online community.

These 4 tips, are ROCK SOLID and will produce results, for anyone who cares to follow them through! Will you be trying them out?

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    Richard Rowell June 15, 2019 (9:16 pm)

    These are GREAT community building tips, Kevwe! I especially like the one about connecting your posts together like a story. There’s a reason serial story telling works so well after all! Great work. I’m going to be applying some of your advice to my own community building efforts!