How To Invite A Random Facebook User To Like Your Facebook Page(Lead Generation Strategy)

Most of you, know that using Facebook is a plus any day, anytime to reach your ideal clients or customers online.

There are actually few ways of boosting your Facebook page likes, without paying for ads. Some of them are:

  1. Inviting your friends to like your Facebook page.
  2. Asking your friends to invite their friends to like your Facebook page.

In this post, I want to show you one way to invite people who aren’t even your friends on  Facebook, to like your page on Facebook. This might cost you a few bucks, (as low as 10 – 40 naira) depending on how great your ad targeting skills are.

You might be asking yourself- why do I need more people to like my Facebook page?? Well for starters, more likes on your Facebook page, gives you more targeting options for your ads. You can actually run ads that target people who like your page and you can also target friends of people who like your page…(sounds awesome)

OKAY!Back to the main purpose of this article, you can invite random Facebook users to like your Facebook page by

  1. Boosting your Facebook post
  2. Running any kind of  Facebook ad

When you boost your Facebook post or run a Facebook ad, you automatically start getting likes from other Facebook users who you’ve targeted with your ad. Most of these users have probably never seen your page, so it means they haven’t liked or followed your page either.

To invite them to  like your Facebook page , Click on the notification bar under your Facebook ad that shows you the number of people that have liked your post. Once you do this, you should see a list of names of users who’ve liked your ad. Right next to their names, you should see a button named “invite”, (for those who haven’t liked your Facebook page yet), Click on the invite button to send them automatic invites to liked your Facebook page.

Start using this tip, to increase your Facebook page likes asap…

Btw, you can use these screenshots below, to try to get an illustration. (I had to highlight their names in black colored paint, for privacy reasons)





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