How to Use GIF’s on Instagram

 GiF’s are useful for animated and creative story telling on social media. Most social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, support the use of GIF’s.

As at the time of this writing Instagram doesn’t support the use of GIF’s……………but hey don’t fret! There’s is actually a way out.

Follow these instructions to source out GIF”s and convert them for Instagram use:

  1. Download GIPHY from play store or app store
  2. Search for the GIF you want, using the app’s user friendly interface
  3. Click on the three dotted horizontal line at the bottom of the GIF you select( you should see a drop down menu,  with a list of social media platforms.
  4. Click on the Instagram logo
  5. Select where you will prefer your GIF to be sent to( between Instagram feed or Instagram story)

These are 5 easy steps to make your next GIF, Instagram ready!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, kindly drop a comment.

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