Using Social Media to Detect Market Needs

It’s so early in the morning: 1:52 am Sunday morning to be exact, and I’ll like to share with you a part most business owners miss out when using social media. Of course, by now you should know social media isn’t going anywhere, lots more businesses are catching the fever and turning these platforms around for their good.

However, there is a critical use to social media: Using Social Media to Detect Market Needs, is an intelligent and innovative way to gather useful information on the sort of products to stock up OR the service to focus on as a business.

Let’s get practical: For example, you realize you stock up on certain products that don’t seem to sell out much on social media. You do some research and discover a competitor who has a certain range of products you don’t have. It’s fine that you don’t have it, however you find that people are flooding their timelines with requests for these same products you don’t have. This should send you a signal. It’s probably time to look out for how you can stock up on these products.

On the other hand, it could be a service – maybe you need to check out what your potential customers/clients on social media actually find useful. Social media platforms aren’t only great for increasing traffic and brand awareness, it also serves as a useful tool to study what your market needs.

Let’s hear your thoughts in the comment section, I will be responding to them.

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