What are GIF’s and How to Use Them For Social Media

GIF’s (full name : Graphics Interchange Format) is  an image file that supports both static and animated files.

Whether we like it or not, content rules social media, and this isn’t going to change anytime soon. The way you create  content for your business, goes a long way in determining how successful your social media strategy will turn out to be. GIF’s are useful for adding the necessary drama your content needs sometimes.

GIF’s are the right mix between video and photos , and they help convey powerful messages to your audience.Here are a some reasons, why you should start using GIF’s:

  1. They help convey creative story telling
  2. They help animate your content
  3. Major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, support GIF’s. They can also be used on Instagram, but have to be converted to videos first
  4. Using celebrity gif’s can help jump start engagement for your business on social media

There are a couple of sites you can visit, to source out quality GIF”s :

  1. www.giphy.com
  2. www.gifmaker.me
  3. www.tenor.com

You can also use google search, to source out gif’s, by including the keyword.  All you have to do is enter a keyword and add “”gif “” next to it. For example: Happy gif. The search results will return with lists of gifs that fit your keyword.

GIF’s aren’t going no where, and I hope you are about to jump on this traaiiinnnn……




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