How To Increase Leads From Facebook Using Your Whatsapp Business Chat Link

Hello Everyone!

Learn this useful hack to increase leads for your business directly from Facebook.

Let’s get straight the deal. I will support this article using photos, so it will be easier for you to grasp.

Step 1: Go to Your Whatsapp business account

Step 2: Click on “Business Settings

Step 3: Click on “Short Link”

Step 4: Click on “Copy Short Link”


After completing these 4 steps, go to your Facebook page. ( I believe you already know how to do it)

Step 5: Click on the Blue button at the bottom of your cover photo. Mine says “learn more”, yours could probably be “send message”, “book now” etc (as an admin of the page, you should be able to edit the blue button)

Step 6: After completing step 5, click on “Learn more about your business”.









Step 7: Select the option: “Learn more”

Step 8: Click on the “Website Link Box”



Step 9: Click on the “Website Link Box”


Step 10: Enter your whatsapp chat link that was copied in Step 4. Enter the link into the empty white box.

Step 11: Click on the blue save button!!


And it’s a wrap……..Let me know in the comment section, if you will be trying this out asap.

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