6 Steps To Running A Strategic Social Media Audit

Do you feel like your social media presence no longer gives you the results you want? Follow these steps, to conduct a strategic social media audit now:


  1. Write down all social media platforms you are currently using: Take a sheet of paper, and list them down or use an excel sheet to document them.
  2. Assess: Now, it’s time to know how each social network is benefiting your business.  These are some key metrics to consider:The number and followers on each social media networkThe engagement your business page gets on each social media network

    The number of newsletter signups from each social media network

    The number of sales attributed to each social media network.                                                                                    

    The volume of traffic each social media network is driving to your website.



    Taking periodic notes of these metrics can help you understand trends and detect patterns.

  3. Assign a value to all the social media networks you use. This will help you determine which social media network you should spend more time and more money. Truth is, you really don’t have to be active on all social media networks. Assigning a value to each social media network helps you effectively reap the benefits of social media from your business.
  4. Conclude on which social media networks to maintain: As mentioned earlier, you really don’t need to be active on each social media platform. Your target audience will help you determine which social media platform works best for your business.
  5. Tidy up your profiles: Once you’ve determined which social media profiles you want to keep, make sure that your bio sections and profile photos are updated. Also ensure your images are high quality and engaging.
  6. Revisit your analytics: Now that you have tidied up your profile, it’s time to revisit your strategy to find out if it really works. Take note of content that brings lots of engagement and traffic to your profile. Continue doing those things that brings in the traffic. Identify the posts that don’t do so well and cut off things that don’t drive traffic or bring in engagement.


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