3 Convenient Ways Of Getting Quality Leads via Social Media

Are you finding it difficult to get leads from your social media marketing results? These easy to use tips, will help you upgrade your strategy and optimize lead conversions.


  1. Identify the best social media platform:
    The best social media platforms for your business will be the place your ideal targets are found. Your nature of business also greatly determines the best social media platform
    to use for your business. Fashion/beauty vendors, for example will benefit much more from Instagram ,being a highly visual platform.On the other hand, if you are targeting a
    business crowd, Linked in will be a better pick. The best way to figure out which
    social media platform is best for your business, is to use a social listening tool like Brand24. It will help you research your target and find out where exactly they are spending their
  2. Run Paid Ads on Social Media: Most social media platforms offer targeting options that can help you generate quality leads online. For example, Facebook and Instagram
    offer options to target your ideal clients via location and interests. This can help you streamline the results you get, to users who will most likely be interested in your products or services.
    Facebook has also sought to improve its lead generation capacity with the introduction of Facebook Lead Ads. These ads help you capture your prospects’ information with minimal effort on your part.
  3. Share links to Protected Content:When you visit a website that offers you an incentive like a free eBook or free piece of information in exchange for your contact information , that is called Protected Content. Protected content is locked up and only accessible to users who provide their name and email address. This method is an efficient way of generating high quality leads, because the content is targeted to only users who have high potential to convert. To generate more leads using this strategy, make sure you continue sharing these links to your active social media platforms.( Facebook, Instagram or twitter)

Everyday, billions of people use social media to interact and do business. If you don’t have a seat on the social media bus, you’re losing a lot to the competition. The techniques discussed in this post are some of the most reliable strategies, and will help you generate quality leads on social media.


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