5 Reasons To Include Video Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Videos are key considerations to include in every digital marketing strategy.

Let’s breeze through these few stats to get the gist.

  • Online videos will be accounting for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic  by 2019.
  • Around 100 million hours of videos are watched daily on Facebook.
  • Video posts record 38% more engagement than image posts.

Now, over to the 5 Reasons why you need to include VIDEOS into your digital marketing mix:


  1.  Increase Engagement: Online users generally engage more with videos, than any other type of visual or text content.
  2. Steal Audience Spotlight:A content hungry audience can only be satisfied using videos. Videos are dynamic and attention grabbing.
  3. Beat The Competition: Your competition is already using videos so what are you waiting for?
  4. Attract The Millennials: Most young people find videos appealing and engaging.
  5. Track Results: On Instagram, videos allow you track results with extra metric called ”views”.

Armed with this information, you will agree with this saying by Mike Henry  ”all it takes is one good video” .


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