3 Proven Tips For A Better Looking Instagram Feed

Are you looking for ways to improve your Instagram feed? Let’s explore simple ways we can dramatically improve our Instagram feeds.


1) STICK TO ONE TIP: If you’ll like to increase your chances of achieving a successful Instagram feed, deal with one topic. Are you into the events industry? majority of your posts should be event related. Share event planning tips, decor tips, party theme tips etc. Do you sell cars? Share quality free tips that’ll help your audience pick the best cars suitable for their lifestyle. The summary is to, stick to one topic and continually share free tips and info related to that topic.

2) FOCUS ON YOUR FOLLOWERS: Your followers should be top of mind, when creating tips and feeds. No instagram feed is fun without followers. Keep content exciting and tailored to followers interest.

3) QUANTITY OF POSTS: This is highly dependent on the nature of your business. If you are an inspiration page for example, it is understandable to post up to 10 times or more per day. However if your goal, is primarily for business, stick to a moderate number of posts per day ( say 2 – 3 times). Posting too frequently, can bloat your Instagram feed and make it uninteresting. Remember, also pay attention to quality of images used. No feed can capture attention using poor quality images.


Cheers to a better looking Instagram feed.

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