Content Marketing Tips for B2B Brands: ”Automation and Analytics”

Automation tools help facilitate content marketing for any business. In recent times, business owners are increasingly busy and don’t have the time to manage online marketing activities. Using automation tools can help a business owner make more money and spend less time doing it. For example there are automation tools that helps marketers schedule  and push posts (for as long as desired). A good example of this, is ”Hootsuite”. Using this tool, can help a business keep their audience informed and increase sales 24- 7. The introduction of easy to use payment platforms, now makes it easier to accept payments and generate invoices  24- 7 all across the world.

Analytical tools on the other hand are indispensable for any campaign that must produce results. As most of us know, whatever can’t be measured, can’t be managed. It is important to pay attention to key metrics like ”reach”, ”impressions” and ”profile visits”. These metrics can help any marketer understand how best to tweak a campaign to suit the audience. A  popular analytical tool like, Iconosquare is a good platform to start. Instagram and Facebook, two major social media platforms, have in built analytical tools that will greatly aid any business who looks to start using  content marketing.


Get your business content marketing strategy riding on the wings of automation and analytics now.

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