Content Marketing Tips for B2B Brands: ”Influencer Marketing”

In recent times, influencer marketing has been employed by many businesses to increase sales, brand awareness and achieve goals on social media. Influencer marketing simply means when a popular person with a massive and loyal audience endorses and promotes your products or services. Take for example, Pepsi using Beyonce, or Nike using Serena Williams to endorse their products. These names are icons in their industries and one endorsement form them can jump start sales for these companies.

Any business can take advantage of influencer marketing. First step, is too identify a popular person or celebrity who has an influence over your ideal target audience. Are you targeting millennials? a celebrated music icon can be the right person to partner with for influencer marketing.

According to data from a report by Nielsen, 92% of people trust a company if it has been endorsed by other people.

That number has a multiplying effect, when popular icons or persons are the influencers.


Influencer marketing doesn’t come cheap, but has been known to increase brand awareness for various brands.

Are you thinking of trying out influencer marketing, any time soon? Share with us in the comment section.


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