10 Do’s and Don’ts For An Effective Marketing Strategy

Have you recently started using social media, and looking for ways to maximize the platform for your business?

This list below shares key points to keep in mind for stellar results. Let’s start with the DO’S!

D0 the following:

  • SET GOALS: Setting goals can be as simple as documenting how many times a week you will post, how many times a day you will spend engaging with other accounts. There is nothing complicated about setting goals, but it goes a long way to determine how effective your marketing strategy turns out.
  • ENGAGE WITH OTHER ACCOUNTS: Social media marketing isn’t for loners. It is a dynamic platform and called ”social” for a reason. Spend some time dropping relevant messages on other community pages.
  • BE ORIGINAL : Stick to your values as a brand. This could be  using two – three  colors consistently with your messaging. Sticking to certain fonts for your text creatives will also keep your brand original and memorable.
  • ADD CONSISTENT VALUE : Don’t just sell, add value! Identify information your followers will take interest with and dish  out consistently and generously.
  • FOCUS ON CULTIVATING TRUST : Be a brand, that promises and delivers. Have you promised your audience a  live video? show up! Have you promised a giveaway? Ensure you keep to your words. This cultivates trust and is a major plus for any social media strategy.


  • FOCUS ON SELLING ONLY: It’s boring. It’s boring. It’s super boring.
  • START WITHOUT  A PLAN: Do you plan to use social media for 1 month? 6 months? 1 year? Without a plan, your goals can kiss implementation good bye.
  • POST TOO MANY VIRAL MESSAGES: Once in a while, viral messages can help with increasing engagement. Doing this too often, can destroy your social media marketing strategy big time. Don’t indulge.
  • USE NEGATIVE WORDS ON FOLLOWERS OR OTHER USERS: It’s a big NO! Be polite and courteous all the time. Air your negative feelings to a friend. You will thank us later for this.
  • GET DISCOURAGED WHEN THINGS DON’T GO AS PLANNED: Every marketing strategy, needs time. Don’t get anxious when things don’t turn out as planned in few months. It sometimes takes a year to start seeing results. Keep at it!

These 10 do’s and don’ts will help you get started on a good note.

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