3 Ways To Clear Out Excess Stock Using Social Media Marketing

Christmas season is coming quickly and some businesses have realized a number of items still sitting in the inventory, and are now looking for ways to clear out the stock. In this post, we will address ways to reduce excess stock using proven social media strategies.

  1. Devote A Website Page To Selected Items: This strategy is as simple as ABC.  If you already have a website, devote a page that will feature these items as discounted items. Ensure the page name is featured at the top of your site, so it’s visible to your website visitors. Next thing you will want to do, is create social media content around these discounted items and drive traffic to the dedicated page for customers to take action.
  2. Host A Giveaway: This is a fantastic idea, as it creates awareness about excess stock and can lead to increased demand for these items. Create posts for your social media that gives users a chance to win these items based on a a set of requirements. Increase awareness by announcing this giveaway to users on your email list.
  3. Gift Excess Items To Influencers: Influencers have large followings,and exert a great influence over their audience. One good review from an influencer has the potential to increase demand for these old items from your followers, their followers and friends of their followers.

Do you have any other stock clearing strategies you use? We will love to hear about them in the comments below. 

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