3 Ways To Boost Your B2B Content Marketing in 2020

B2B content marketing simply means using content to increase awareness, develop brand loyalty, drive leads and sales by reaching other businesses. As the name implies, your target in this case is other businesses and not individuals. If you’re reading this, you most likely already have some kind of content marketing strategy in the works.  In this post we will address 3 ways you can boost  your strategy and get the results you want.


  1. Keep Records of Your Content Strategy: While most businesses already have a content strategy in place, very few businesses actually document and track progress. This can lead to loss in sales and a waste of energy , creating content that doesn’t excite or lead the audience to take necessary action. Most social media platforms have in built analytics and these can help a business understand how it’s audience interacts with different types of content and make better informed decisions. These reports are free and available to export in different document types( e.g: pdf, png) and can  be used to track important metrics like reach, impressions, website views and engagement. Look at photo below to show see screen shot of Facebook insights for a page.

2. Outsource your Content Marketing: Some reports, state that only only 25% of businesses reported having a dedicated content marketing team. You might not have the time or the know how on the best methods to use for effective content marketing. Leaving your content marketing to be done by anyone with a smartphone isn’t the smart thing to do. Outsourcing this aspect will save you time, get you leads and help your business achieve it’s goal.

3. Insist on a consistent content scheme: Using a consistent template for your content design will make it easier for other businesses to remember your brand. Social media is dynamic, and maintaining consistency in design and style of writing is key to staying top of mind and standing out of the crowd.

We hope these tips will  help you to create an effective  B2B strategy for your brand in 2020.

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