3 Ways To Increase InStore Visits This Holiday Season Using Offline and Social Media Marketing

Most businesses that will thrive this holiday season will use a combination of digital and offline marketing  tactics to drive sales, customer engagement and increase instore visits.

Let’s run through 3 instore promotional ideas that will drive sales this holiday season:

1)  Register For Popular Events, Fairs and Road shows: The truth is that not everyone who needs your products will make it to your store. To increase visibility, research for events coming up in your city this period and ensure your business is registered to attend.  Setting up a pop up store  in such events will help increase traffic and brand exposure. Top it up, by using social media to drive awareness for participation. You could throw in discounts for potential customers who will be in attendance


2. Capture In-person Reviews: It is estimated that 78% of consumers trust local businesses when they have positive online reviews.

Most businesses find it challenging to get reviews from customers online not because these customers have issues with the service but because most of them dont have the time to write reviews. To curb this issue, you can collect reviews at the point of purchase in store. You will significantly get more reviews with this strategy. Throw in incentives to make it easier by offering your customers a 15% discount off their next purchase if they login to their google account on your in store tablet to drop a review.

Dont forget to use social media to inform pote tial customers about your promotion.


3. Introduce Seasonal Merchandise: This can be an effective way to attract visitors to your store. You can for example, release a Christmas branded version of one of your products. Starbucks, a renowned coffee brand sometimes releases a “holiday blend coffee bean” during holiday periods. This can help bring in new visitors to your atore enbaling you sell your high margin products to them. As always, push content on social media to increase awareness about seasonal products available in your store.

These 3 tips will certainly increase instore visits and sales for your store this festive season.






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