6 Proven Ways To Increase Sales This Black Friday

Did you know, the official day for Black Friday  is the 27th November 2020?. Black Friday this year 2020 will be a bit different and special. The recent spread of coronavirus, only means one thing. Less crowded shops and more buying taking place online. Small businesses can take advantage of the upcoming black Friday on the 27th November 2020 to offer value and discounts to their customers while churning in profits. Let’s look at some strategies and tips on how this can be done:

  • Offer Instant Discounts and Deals: Big retailers like Jumia have already started offering mouth watering discounts since the beginning of this month. If you haven’t already thought of offering discounts, it’s not too late to do so. This is the time to offer massive discounts to clear off old stock and drive in sales and awareness. Use high quality graphics, to create the buzz across your social media platforms and post these creatives at optimal times to generate maximum result. This is also the time to use Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads to get as many people as possible to discover your discounted deals and increase your bottom line.
  • Add A Twist To Your Discounts With Free Shipping: According to a survey conducted by Toluna, an ITWP company, ”respondents shared that free shipping matters most when it comes to online purchases — over 75 percent cited that shipping costs deter them from making purchases altogether”. Think two steps ahead by promoting free shipping across your social media platforms, while  including shipping costs into product item costs. This will increase chances of your  potential customers buying your discounted product itemsPhoto showing delivery man


  • Offer Multiple Payment Options: Give your customers a wide variety of options ranging from bank transfers, card payments and pay on delivery. Ensure your social media channels, are continuously updated to inform your potential customers about these options.

Photo showing different payment options

  • Ensure You Have A Dedicated Customer Support Team: Customers expect seamless service processes at times like this. Some buyers have reported how stressful holiday shopping can be for them. Moreover, well promoted discounts will lead to increase in leads and inquiries. Having an enlightened and smart team to communicate with your potential customers will do your business a lot of good and increase  bottom line.
  • Surprise Your Customers With Free Gifts: Everyone loves a freebie. This is the time to wow your first time customers and encourage future sales from them. Provide freebies to customers who shop in store at selected times. You can also add free items alongside every purchase made from your business this season. Offering freebies can  increase loyalty from these customers.
  • Promote A Sense Of Urgency: Most of us swim in the sea of procrastination. It could be that you have an amazing Black Friday offer but your potential customers aren’t pressed to take advantage of it. Use content on your social media platforms, to create a sense of urgency. Ensure you let them know this offer is only on for a limited amount of time. This will convert potential customers to instant customers.Black woman rushing

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