3 Ways To Use Social Media To Make More ”SALES” This Easter

Easter is around the corner, and most businesses are already taking advantage of this annual festive season to get more sales. You might be wondering, how that is possible? Yes! You can make sales from social media platforms. According to a report by Facebook insights, businesses that seek to achieve success during this period need to,  target women of all ages and consumers who are 18 to 34 in particular, as they are the most important drivers of the Easter conversation.

Check out these 3 simple Easter sales tips and tricks:

1) Adopt the spirit of Easter: Use the subtle power of light pastel colors in your social media creatives this week. Easter is known as the time of the year when light, pastel colors are in high demand. Using Easter motifs such as eggs, bunnies or simple spring flowers will set the proper tone and act as a gentle reminder for  your customers that the holiday is just around the corner. This can inspire them to shop your Easter gift items.

Pastel colored creative

2) Take Advantage of Easter sweet cravings: This is a period that people are actually looking for where to buy chocolates in Nigeria. Over 80% of those celebrating this holiday will spend money buying candies for friends and family. Take advantage of this statistic by preparing special time-bound offers that create a sense of urgency and inspire customers to act immediately or risk missing out on a good deal. If you are selling chocolates in Nigeria, or sweets and cakes-  this is a good time to help your customers  discover your online business in Nigeria. If you aren’t into the candy business, you can still opt to dish out free sweets or chocolates alongside any purchase from your business.


Chocolate covered strawberries

3) Embrace the long Easter weekend: More people want to visit malls like Shoprite and relax by hanging out in cool spots in Lagos or other cities. You can take advantage of this opportunity to organize outdoor get togethers or even road shows with special incentives that will help you stand out from the crowd.


Group of friends hanging out with drinks outdoors.

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