4 Ways Your Content Is Annoying Your Audience

Have you ever stopped to think, that your content might actually be putting your audience off? We know, this is totally opposite of what you intend to achieve. In as much, as it is great to dish out valuable, fun and informative content. Read in detail, these 4 ways you might actually be doing the opposite:


  1. Using lengthy captions: It’s good to get in details sometimes, but when one has to keep scrolling and scrolling endlessly to get the gist of what you are promoting or talking about, it can really get tiring and annoying. We advice you keep your caption short and straight to the point.

Tired black woman holding mobile phonw

2. If graphic designing isn’t your forte, you might want to take short courses on them, or use predesigned templates from Canva. People get irked by poorly designed visuals.

3. Repetitive use of content: We get it, it’s sometimes inevitable to use the same content few times over, but watch it, the continuous recycling of content to the same audience can get them bored and annoyed. Need help with some inspiration for fresh content? Check here

4. Using poorly written captions: Check your grammar before hitting the post button. A little mistake here and there can do much more damage than you can imagine.

The reality, is that content can often do more harm, than good. Keep these 4 points in mind when next you are creating or curating content for your brand on social media.


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