Social Proof: And Why It Is Relevant For Your Nigerian Business

According to Square Lovin, ”Social media proof is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation”. For example, psychology says, if all your friends fall off a bridge, you would likely do the same.

You might be wondering : How is this connected to me, growing my Nigerian businesses?


Let’s get down to it: When your potential customers read positive reviews that other users have given your business, it increases your conversions.

This can lead to more sales for your business compared to, running paid adverts on social media.  People tend to be more comfortable  reaching out to a business that other users associate with. For example: Restaurants that label a meal option as their most popular dish can see up to 30% increase in product sales.

Social proof can take up different forms. 9 0ut of 10 people trust recommendations from friends and this influences their purchasing decisions. On the other hand if someone is labelled as an expert, people automatically trust recommendations made by them.

How can your business take advantage of social proof in this digital age?

  1. Using more user generated content: Focus on developing content like reviews or testimonials from your customers.  This social proof technique can help your business grow dramatically.
  2. Promote certifications or awards that your business has received. This is another form of social proof. When others see you are being recognized, it will increase the chances of converting them to paid customers.
  3. Add key metrics in your Instagram bio: Do you have a mobile application that has a record number of downloads? Or do you have a large fan base of loyal customers? Displaying these numbers in your bio section, is a form of social proof that  can help you convert your next potential customer.

Taking advantage of social proof techniques is a sure way to take your business to the next level on social media.



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