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6 Proven Ways To Increase Sales This Black Friday

Did you know, the official day for Black Friday  is the 27th November 2020?. Black Friday this year 2020 will be a bit different and special. The recent spread of coronavirus, only means one thing. Less crowded shops ...

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4 Social Media Content Trends To Implement in 2020

Social Media is ever dynamic- with continuous changes in how users interact with the platform. This post will touch base on some trends and the best way to implement them for the benefit of your business in 2020. ...

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3 Convenient Ways Of Getting Quality Leads via Social Media

Are you finding it difficult to get leads from your social media marketing results? These easy to use tips, will help you upgrade your strategy and optimize lead conversions.   Identify the best social ...

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Pictures from The Facebook SME Nigeria Event

The Facebook Small Business Council Nigeria edition held for the second time on the 26th March 2018. The social media giant, selected 10 - 15 business owners who have successfully used Facebook to grow their business. ...

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Share photos & videos from Whatsapp to Insta story, Facebook etc

Let's run you through how to do this with these quick steps:   Step 1: Go to your whatsapp account Step 2: Go to a chat that has a copy of the photo or video you desire to share. Step 3: Press and hold ...

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